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We are a Florida Not for Profit Corporation and a 501(c)(3) 100% tax deductible IRS charity. You may check us out at www.irs.gov.

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Tampa Area Weimaraner Meet Up Group

The Tampa Area Weimaraner Meet Up Group was created by Tamara, who first joined other meet up groups with her husband, Jason and their Beagle and Dachshund in early 2006. After not being able to find a group to meet other Weimaraner owners, Tamara decided to start a group in May of 2006, with the help of meetup.com and the rest is history! It has not been hard to find members. Like Tamara and Jason, many of them have accidentally come across meetup.com or the group using Google. Others were already meetup.com members or have come across the group on the Critter Calendar of The Tampa Tribune or TBO.com. We are an informal meet-up group who love Weimaraners, eager to meet other Weim owners/enthusiasts in and around the Tampa Bay area. This group gathers once a month with other Weim owners and lovers at Tampa Area parks and dog friendly places.

Recently, with the help of Assistant Organizer, Nicole, our group has become involved in helping and supporting Florida Weimaraner Resuce, Inc. by donating time, energy and money to this wonderful cause. Our goal is to become a supporting role and positive influence amongst others for this organization. The Tampa Area Weimaraner Meetup Group is NOT a rescue organization, but does have members who are active within the rescue community. Contact Tamara, Organizer or Nicole, Assistant Organizer for more info if you may be interested in rescue or foster of Weims.

The group does have a membership fee of $5 per year per member. All members are required to pay the fee, will be given a specified amount of time to do so and can be done, preferably using the PayPal link provided on the "Welcome" page of the groups webpage. Please contact Organizer, Tamara for any questions regarding this matter.

To date the Tampa Weimaraner Meet Up Group has gathered donations for a new washer and dryer and held a blanket and bedding drive. The next donation drive will be for kennel and laundry cleaning products. Check out the Tampa Area Weimaraner Meetup Group online for more information or to see when we have our next event!